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  [Opened] Jelix can't find jAuth module

I enabled jAuth for my application and I'm getting:

[[exception 18]] Unknown module in the selector "jauth~login:out@classic" /<snip>/jelix/lib/jelix/core/selector/jSelectorAct.class.php 76

My module settings looks like:

modulesPath = "app:modules/,lib:jelix-modules/"

jelix.access = 2
jauth.access = 2
jauthdb.access = 2

And my installer settings look like:

jelix.installed = 1
jelix.version = 1.2RC1
jelix.sessionid = 0
jauth.installed = 1
jauth.version = 1.2RC1
jauth.sessionid = 0
jauthdb.installed = 1
jauthdb.version = 1.2RC1
jauthdb.sessionid = 0

I started with 1.2b1 and upgraded to 1.2RC1 when it came out.

I can't seem to figure it out... anybody any ideas?

  [Opened] Jelix can't find jAuth module

I forgot to ran the installmodule command (had been using 1.1 before) and now it seems to work, although I don't see any changes in my configration files. Magic! wink

  [Opened] Jelix can't find jAuth module

the magic is in installer.ini.php smile

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  1. Jelix can't find jAuth module