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Jelix 1.1.10

Development in progress. Last update of this page : 566faae00abc

This page is listing updates and enhancements added since 1.1.9 version.

Migrating from Jelix 1.1.x

Details of changes

Critical bug fixed

  • none

Bug fixed

  • ticket #1413 - notices was generated by jResponseHtml when using jLog:log for other messages than errors or response/firebug.
  • Removed a notice in jFile, appearing for example when using the upload control in jforms with mimetypes
  • ticket #1395 - fixed a regression in jforms, the check of the mime type of an uploaded file could fail when the finfo extension is not installed
  • Ticket #1410 - fixed a regression, the autoload did not use SPL with PHP 5.2 and more

Enhancements, new features

  • none

Other versions

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