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 This page is listing updates and enhancements added since 1.6.0 version. This page is listing updates and enhancements added since 1.6.0 version.
 +====== Jelix 1.6.28 ======
 +Released on June, 8th, 2020
 +==== Bug fixed ====
 +  * core: Fix jelix autoloader when there are similar namespaces. When a first namespace has a name that is the prefix of a second namespace, path to classes of the second namespace were badly resolved.
 +  * Fix http code when displaying the closing page
 +  * Upgrade PHPMailer to 5.2.28
 +  * jalc2 module installer: do not enable jacl2 plugin on command line scripts
 +  * js files for localizing datepicker were not loaded in the right order (Joel Kociolek)
 +==== Improvements ====
 +  * core: add parameters for the session cookie into the configuration (@@cookieSecure@@,​ @@cookieHttpOnly@@,​ @@cookieLifetime@@,​ @@cookieSameSite@@),​ and is now @@httponly@@ by default.
 +  * Core: allow file selectors to have @@-@@ and @@_@@ in the file name
 +  * jIniMultiFilesModifier:​ add @@isSection()@@ method like in jIniFileModifier
 +  * installer: new methods @@jInstallerEntryPoint::​getSingleMainConfigIni()@@ and @@getSingleLocalConfigIni()@@
 +  * jLocale: allow to store locales into @@<​app>/​app/​locales@@,​ like in Jelix 1.7.
 +  * Sitemap: cache feature to store urls temporarly. Configure a "​sitemap"​ cache profile, then call the hasUrlInCache() method in the controller. If it is true, the cache is still valid, and so just return the response object. If the hasUrlInCache() is not called, no cache is managed.
 ====== Jelix 1.6.27 ====== ====== Jelix 1.6.27 ======
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