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Release of Jelix 1.6.16 and its support is extended

01/14/2018, Laurent.

Jelix 1.6.16 is available and brings some improvements and bug fixes.

First, it is now fully compatible with PHP 7.2 (and is still compatible with PHP 5.3).

The main improvement is about new APIs, in jInstaller and jDb, to write easier install scripts : creating a table from a DAO file, managing a database schema (full support of Postgresql, Mysql, Sqlite3 and other databases in jDbSchema), inserting data in a table from a JSON file. Moreover, the "groupby" feature of jDao (which is not really the "group by" in SQL) is now deprecated.

Some improvement have been made into the rights management : it is not possible to remove admin rights from a user if it is the only one administrator.

Read the full list of changes in the dedicated page.

The support of Jelix 1.6 is extended until december 2018. Jelix 1.7 is expected in February.

Download Jelix 1.6.16.