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  [Opened] Config of the urls.xml file

There are 6 modules in my project. So I want to know if this config is correct for the urls.xml file :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<urls xmlns="http://jelix.org/ns/urls/1.0">
    <entrypoint type="classic" name="index" default="true">
        <url pathinfo="/" module="srcs" action="default:index">

  [Opened] Config of the urls.xml file


Yes, for the home page, it is ok.

If you don't want to specify all url for each methods of for each controller of your each module, you can just specify for each module:

<url module="foo"/>

But it will not produce "beautiful" url of course.

I'm currently working on the url engine in Jelix 1.7 : there won't anymore different url engine as plugin, and the remain one will be a merge between "basic_significant" and "significant". And it will be much simpler to configure the url mapping smile

  1. Config of the urls.xml file