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  [Opened] problem to create application by script

Posted by bene on 05/26/2009 15:24

Hello Guys

I just begun to work with jelix, because i'd like to use it for a project. i installed it on my server, running with Ubuntu 8.x, Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU etc. also on this server, i have running Plesk management tool for this server. now when i install existing applications, it is all right, the works as the have to :). but if i want to create a new application (with php jelix.php --appname createapp), i have lots of errors, always begun by mkdir(); error in the script "command.class.php on line 117". its strange that there are some files and folders created in the destination folder, but most of them can't be created and gives an error.

example for one applitacion

php jelix.php --omne5 createapp

created files:


and the errors:

http://easywink.ch/jelix/errorlog.txt i simplified the file a little bit, so it is easier to read it.

hopefully that someone knows an answer to my problem

Greez ben

  [Opened] Re: problem to create application by script

Reply #1 Posted by laurentj on 05/26/2009 17:43


well I think you have some problems of rights. But I don't understand why since some files are created. strange.

now when i install existing applications

you mean, applications based on jelix ?

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