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Trace: 1.1.1

Jelix 1.1.1

March, 1, 2009. SVN-1335

Main improvements

  • no improvements

Migrating from Jelix 1.1.x

Read the [http://docs.jelix.org/en/manual-1.1/installation/migrate|instructions in the manual]].

Details of changes

Enhancements, new features

  • new plugin for jtpl : fetchzone (#837)
  • added a new native modifier “upperfirst” (#845)

Bug fixes

  • jelix-scripts: bad deleted directory with jelix scripts. In some case, it could delete all files !! (#840)
  • jDb: jDbPdoConnection::query with FETCH_INTO and 2 other arguments causes an error (#839)
  • jDao:
    • jDao conditions: field names should be enclosed in some db engines. (#838)
    • bad updated value on a boolean field with jdao, when given 'f' as value (#834)
  • jforms: fixed a bad label on an exception in the jforms parser (#832)
  • jfilter: methods to check email and ipv6 didn't really return true or false.(#842)
  • master_admin module:
    • undefined variable in a template of master_admin (#851)
    • fixed bug on the layout of main.tpl (#850)
  • a word was not localized in a template of the CRUD (#844)

Other versions

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