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Trace: 1.1.6

Jelix 1.1.6

This page is listing updates and enhancements added since 1.1.5 version.

Release : 03/26/2010. changesets 6fc34c8ae1e2


From 1.1.0-1.1.5: if you use the table jsessions to store sessions in database, you must delete it and recreate with the sql script lib/jelix/core-modules/jelix/install/sql/install.jsession.*.

From jelix 1.0.x: read the instructions in the manual.

Details of changes

Bugs/Improvements fixed and backported to 1.0.x branch

  • jCrypt: force to use a long key. short keys could not be enough to have secured data
  • ticket #1066: foreign key violation when removing a user from jacldb, with pgsql database.
  • ticket #1007: in jLocale, error with sprintf when the argument is an empty array
  • ticket #1024: warnings and bad calculation when using jDateTime::toString with ISO 8601 format
  • ticket #1011: bad spelling of 'unknow' word in error messages
  • fixed bug: jException didn't recognize multilines messages with an error code.
  • fixed bug in jDbPDOResultSet::setFetchMode, where an error appear with php5.3 when no given the right parameters count to the native method
  • ticket #1065: jFilter::isEmail should accept domains without any dot
  • ticket #1070: jResponseLatexToPdf doesn't generate a pdf

Bug fixed

  • ticket #1005: jForms: uploaded file's mimetype set by the browser may be wrong
  • ticket #1027: formdatafull should not display secretconfirm value
  • ticket #1057: Dao storage for jSession didn't support very well serialized object. the data field of the jsessions table has now a binary type.
  • ticket #1068: fixed issue with history plugin and session
  • ticket #1025: jtpl should take care of php bug about line feed after a end tag of php

Enhancements, new features

  • ticket #1052: improved security of cookies of jauth. only one encrypted cookie now for persistent auth.
  • ticket #477: support of postgresql schemas in jdb profiles. you can indicate the search_path value.
  • added the support of the 'varbinary' datatype in properties of jDao.
  • added the support of binary contents in jDbConnection::quote
  • ticket #1054: jDuration::days should be initialized when giving a timestamp.

Other versions

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