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Jelix 1.1rc1

This page is listing updates and enhancements added since the 1.1beta1 version, and that will be available in the future 1.1rc1 version.

Changelog updated until : SVN-1213

Main improvements

Updating from Jelix 1.0.x

Updating from Jelix 1.1b1

  • replace the lib directory by the one in jelix 1.1beta2
  • remove all the files in the temp/ directory

Details of changes

Enhancements, new features

  • includes every enhancements and new features from 1.0.x et 1.1beta1
  • small controller optimizations for opt build.
  • new configuration option to disable zone caching globally (#717) (zones section: disableCache = on|off)
  • jControllerDaoCrud: new _getForm and _createForm methods so we can redefine them to personnalize the form before its use.
  • jDb:
    • removed support of old PDO version for PHP 5.0 and constants JPDO*
    • jDbConnection::query() and jDbResultset::setFetchMode() have now the same API as PDO::query() and PDOStatement::setFetchMode()
    • added support of FETCH_INTO
  • jForms :
    • automatic protection against CSRF attack (#748). A new attribute allowAnyOrigin can disable the protection if set in xml descriptive files. At API level a new property is declared jFormsBase::securityLevel.
    • new configuration option selecting default builder (#696) (tplplugins section: defaultJformsBuilder = mybuilder)
    • new method addControlBefore() to dynamically add a control before another (#728)
    • getModifiedControls changed. it returns the list of modified controls since last call to initModifiedControlsList() (#700).
    • support of external absolute url for form action (http and https) (#710)
    • new controls <date> and <datetime>, and it displays a datepicker js control based on jQuery UI datepicker (#196)
  • jTpl :
    • new plugin to display PHP contstants (only in trusted templates)
    • new syntax to display result of expressions : {=$expr…}
  • new class jImageModifier to handle easily image modifications and display. issued from image tpl plugin (#604).
  • jAuth:
    • new method jAuth::getDriverParam() to retrieve easily a parameter of the configuration of a jauth driver.
    • the user in session is now updated when the call of jAuth::updateUser is called for the current user (#461)
  • new class jImageModifier to ease modification and caching of images. code issued from image template plugin (#604)
  • jIniFileModifier : support '@' and ':' chars in section names.
  • new class jIniMultiFilesModifier.
  • Jelix-Scripts :
    • createapp : application documentroot can be indicated optionnally (it still defaults to your_app/www) (#163)
    • createapp : application.init.php now includes jelix/init.php, so it is not needed anymore in entry points. It is easier then to move lib/ or www/ folders.
    • new constants can be edited in scripts.conf.php (author, copyright, license…) to fill automatically heading comments of php files, module.xml, plugin.xml and project.xml.
    • new command createentrypoint : create an entry point with your type of choice.
  • module auth
    • enhanced redirection to a referring page (origin of the request to auth module) (#658)
    • created a new response htmlauth for better customization
  • new modifier for jDiff (Diff) (#720)
  • new script jelix_check_server.php checking jelix compatibility against a server (#409).
  • new specs for module.xml, plugin.xml et project.xml.
  • jQuery update, jQuery UI added.
  • TCPDF update, version 4.2.006
  • clearbricks classes update, version svn-192.
  • PHPMailer update, version 2.3 (jMailer and PHPMailer now clearly separated)
  • WikiRenderer update, version 3.1pre65

Bug fixes

  • all bug fixed in the 1.0.x branch and 1.1beta1
  • core :
    • some criticall errors were not reported with css, text et cmdline resposnes (#678)
    • error in checkTrustedModules list checking (#715)
    • bug using SOAP response with an opcode cache enabled (#705)
  • jForms :
    • radiobuttons with value=0 were mistakenly selected (#691)
    • jFormsDataContainer::clear() didn't clear everytings
  • fixes in relaxNG schema
  • fixes in history template plugin
  • fixes in junittests module (#729)
  • removed a useless parameter to jCmdlineCoordinator::getErrorCode

Other versions

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