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-====== Jelix 1.2RC1 ======+====== Jelix 1.2beta1 ​======
-**Still in development**. ​This page is listing updates and enhancements added since 1.2b1 version, and that will be available ​for the future ​1.version.+This page is listing updates and enhancements added since 1.1.x version, and that are available ​in the 1.2beta1 ​version.
-Changelog updated as of : [[http://​bitbucket.org/​jelix/​jelix-trunk/​changesets/​4ca85f959988|4ca85f959988]]+Changelog updated as of : [[http://​bitbucket.org/​jelix/​jelix-trunk/​changesets/​abb1b07f531c|abb1b07f531c]]
 ===== Main improvements ===== ===== Main improvements =====
-    ​better error handling in the startup of Jelix +  ​new module management 
-    many improvements and bug fixes in the new install system +  * new install ​and upgrade ​system 
-    improvements in jForms: +  new wizard system ​(configurableto install a jelix application 
-        * dynamic changes on dependencies of controls ​(with ajax+  Improved the performance and the flexibility of jDb profiles 
-        better error reporting on client side +  new jCache class to store all you want in a cache, and where you want (memcache, files..) 
-        add support of CKEditor for the htmleditor control +  * support of nosql database with jKVDb 
-        * support of regular expression in input controls +  possibility to put an application offline easily 
-        better error handling with uploads +  updated TCPDF to 4.5.015 
-    update of some vendors librairies +  updated Wikirenderer to 3.1.2
-    little improvements in master_admin+
 ===== Migrating from Jelix 1.1.x ===== ===== Migrating from Jelix 1.1.x =====
-Read [[en:manual-1.2:installation:migrate|the corresponding chapter]] in the manual of Jelix 1.2+Read [[http://​docs.jelix.org/​en/manual-1.2/installation/migrate|the corresponding chapter]] in the manual of Jelix 1.2.
- +
-===== Migrating from Jelix 1.2b1 ===== +
- +
-API of installers has been improved. The "​sessionid"​ system has been removed and replaced by some simplier functions like firstDbExec,​ firstConfExec and firstExec. You must use these functions instead of sessions id.+
 ===== Details of changes ===== ===== Details of changes =====
-Here are changes appeared since the release of 1.2 beta 1. 
 ==== Enhancements,​ new features ==== ==== Enhancements,​ new features ====
-    ​installers +  ​**New modules management**. 
-        jInstaller: the sessionid ​system ​is replaced by more powerful and simplier systemusing kind of context +    ticket #821Improve ​the policy management module. see above. 
-        jInstallerBaseimprovements in copyDirectoryContent ​and copyFile, allowing overwriting files +  * ticket #31/#263: **new installation/​update ​system** 
-        Support ​of parameters for installers +      * module should provide a class which should inherit from jInstallerModule. For upgradesa module can provides a file for each version which needs to do things to upgrade to this version. 
-        added the support ​of an optionskipinstaller, to skip an installer when needed +      ticket #965moved jInstallCheck to installer/ ​and unified message reporters between jInstallCheck and jInstaller. The same interface is used now. 
-        * better error handling during the read of dependencies +  ticket #1048: support ​of nosql database with jKVDb 
-        ​* sqlite ​script for installers of some modules +  **jDb and jDao** 
-        optimisations in the jInstaller source code +    * Improved ​the performance and the flexibility ​of jDb profiles. Now a profile name can be an alias or a real name. If a profile doesn'​t existthe default profile is used. Soif an external module needs a specific profile name, we don't have to setup a profile. We just have to set an alias. 
-        * jInstallCheckerbetter check of php extensions. Can check database extensions. We can indicate some other extension to check+    ticket #590: make PDO/sqlite ​database path specification relative. 
-        Improvements in installWizard:​ better dbprofile page new confmail page to configure the mailer localization files in fresh for all pages +    new method jDbConnection::tools, and jDb::​getTools is now deprecated
-    * core  +    * new jDbSchema object ​to create and manage tables. only mysql driver ​for the moment. 
-        * ticket #1126replaced the config parameter use_error_handler by an argument ​to the constructor of jCoordinator +    * ticket #799: experimental jdb driver for mssql  
-        replaced all die instruction by exceptions (#1126) +    * ticket #871jDbTools provides a way to translate any field type. 
-        error handlers should take care about the existence ​of gJconfig (#1126) +      Dao files can now refers to any database field type, although it doesn'​t support blob fields yet 
-        initDefaultResponseOfRequest should throw an exception +      support of a new attribute autoincrement on the property element in jdao 
-        added a new jqueryPath config optionwhich allow to specify path of the jquery directory +      * better support ​of long numerical values 
-        * use request::getIP instead of REMOTE_ADDR when it is possiblejLog::log: store message in memory when message type is undefined +      new properties on jDbField: unifiedType,​ unsigned, minLength, maxLength minValue maxValue 
-        Allow true URLs in errors.log +      * new methods on jDbTools: getTypeInfounifiedToPhpType,​ stringToPhpValue,​ escapeValue,​ getBooleanValue,​ encloseName 
-        * ticket #1201API on jRequest to retrieve headers +      * no more static properties on jDaoCompiler 
-        jUrl, significant engineallowing to add global option optionalTrailingSlash +      * Api of jDaoParser and jDaoGenerator has changed 
-        Ticket ​#1186: new method jUrl::getFull, ​to retrieve an url with the domain name +      * new properties on jDaoProperty:​ unifiedType,​ autoIncrement,​ and the signature of the constructor has changed 
-    jforms +      removed the deprecated method jDb::​getProfil and you should ​use jDb::getProfile ​instead
-        * ticket #288dynamic ​change ​of the content ​of a list when it is dependents to an other control +    * ticket #923: jDao, support ​of insertpattern on primary key not autoincrementedremoved also the primary keys into update queries 
-        * added line breaks in generated html code +    * ticket #869execSQLScript now is able to use the table prefix indicated in a profile 
-        refactored code of html builders +    ticket #477: support of postgresql schemas ​in jdb profilesyou can indicate the search_path value  
-        ctrl_control now accepts attribute to add on generated html elements +  * **jForms** 
-        new decorator for errors, it displays errors directly in the html instead of showing an alert. fixed also an issue with the validation of datetime +     * ticket #784help messages are not shown anymore with javascript 
-        * replaced ​the css star for required field by a star in html +     ​ticket #887jFormsBase::​prepareObjectFromControls supports the new unifiedType 
-        added support of CKEditor for htmleditor element. callback function for htmleditor init have now two additionnal parameters, skin and language. +     ​ticket ​#1000: new jFormsBase::getUploads() method 
-        * ticket #1147allowing ​to generate optgroup in menulist ​and listbox. datasource accept now grouped data. +     * ticket #1002: CSS classes added to specify control types in html builders 
-        added localized labels on datepicker buttons +     ​ticket #934: new wikieditor widget for jForms 
-        * ticket #485support of regular expression ​in input controls to check data +  * **Responses** 
-        * ticket #1094javascript components ​of jforms should have the possibility ​to access to jelixWWWPath to have the true path of jelix/. these components receive a configuration object ​instead of several arguments. +     * ticket #810we can now change the title of the html response with the jtpl meta plugin 
-    jelix-www +     * ticket #864: improvements on jResponseLatexPdf 
-        removed unused the plugin date_input for jquery +       * added date property 
-        * update jquery to 1.4.2 +       ​* added a property outputFileName 
-        updated markitup to 1.1.7 +       ​we can choice the title 
-        updated jquery ui to 1.8.2 +       ​changes ​on the command line call 
-        Updated wymeditor to 0.5rc2 +     ​Added a property $temporary on redirect and redirecturl responses 
-        * ticket #1183we should compress javascripts we provide +     * ticket #737: display of the stack trace with the error message, in responses, if the TRACE keyword is used in the configuration 
-        Fixed default configuration of wymeditorand added basic configuration,​ with minimal buttons+     ​ticket #​1063: ​support of author ​and generator metas on jResponseHtml 
-    jelix-scripts +     ​* ticket #860possibility ​to concatene ​and compress JS and CSS files automatically 
-        changed name of customized configuration file, and allow to have a configuration file for each application +  * **Utils*
-        added some comments into the template of dao crud. +     ​* ticket #540new jCache class. 
-        createmodule commandadd some files for master_admin when using option -admin +     * ticket #796: added a new output type FULL_LANG_DATE ​in jDateTime. 
-        closeapp commandnew optional parameter, the message to display +     ​* ticket #623new method jDateTime::​substract  
-        various cleaning code in templates +     * jMailer: added a new type of mailer, file, to store mails into files instead of sending them, to test an application without having connectivity to internet 
-    jelix modules +     ​Added a new method isModified on jIniFileModifier and jIniMultiFilesModifier 
-        master_adminadded a new main menu itemrefdata, for pages allowing to manage reference data +     ​improved jIniFileModifier : removeValue(),​ supporting comments when removing a value
-        master_admindefault css styles for dashboard widgets +     ​methods of jCrypt become public
-        Improved visibility of information in the header of master_admin interface +     ​new class jVersionComparator 
-    utils  +  * **core*
-        jIniMultiFilesModifier ​accepts now directly jIniFileModifier objects as parameters +     ​* ticket #854Optimisation of the loading of coord plugins. 
-        jIniFileModifier: new methods to rename values and sectionand to merge sections +     ​ticket #903: jUrlsignificant engine: multiple modules without action for unique entrypoint
-        jVersionComparator: new method to serialize version numbers in order to compare them easily +     ​New method jRequest::​getProtocol() 
-        added put and delete method on jHttp +     ​ticket #656: better support ​of PUT for rest controllers. 
-        * ticket #1180it's better if jMailer provides the text version ​of the given html template +  * **jTpl*
-        * ticket #1179: new method jDatetime::isNull +     ​ticket #804parenthesis were not accepted in foreach statements 
-        * ticket #1137jCrypt ​: default ​key in configuration +     ​added a default tpl variable in jTpl$j_localewhich contains ​the current locale code  
-    * misc+     ​added the include plugin for jtpl 
-        * ticket #1145: allowing to specify UID attribute in LDAP auth driver +     ​ticket #808: add break jTpl plugin. 
-        * ticket #1182jTpl: plugin html_meta for jQuery and jQueryUI +     ​ticket #943: cycle_init accepts now arrays as argument 
-        jTpl pluginparameters for formurlparam are now optional ​and values are retrieved from formurl parameters +     * ticket #760: new tpl pluginmodifier truncatehtml. 
-        Ticket ​#1053update PHPMailer ​to 5.1 +     ​ticket #996meta_html plugin allows now additionnal parameters 
-  ​+     ​ticket #1003: new mailto plugin 
 +     ​ticket #938: new jfullurl plugin 
 +     ​ticket #654: date_format ​accepts now a timestamp for the default date 
 +     ​ticket #1019: new hook plugin, to send events during the content generation 
 +     ​ticket #993: new gravatar plugin 
 +  * **jAcl2*
 +     ​* ticket #1014jAcl2db_admin:​ localized subject instead ​of the id 
 +     ​* ticket #1015: new jAcl2DbUserGroup::getPrivateGroup() method 
 +     ​* ticket #1016jAcl2Dbsupport named groups  
 +  * jEvents : more flexibility by calling the old method performEvent on listeners 
 +  * junittest module: new method jUnitTestsDb::​assertTableContainsRecordsByKeys  
 +  * Diff lib: table formater generates now better html content and with line numbers. Added also a default ​css for diff formating. 
 +  * ticket #947: master_admin module: add an $order property on masterAdminDashboardWidget 
 +  * ticket #934 Added markitup, a wiki editor ​in javascript 
 +  * ticket #1051: additionnal events generated by jAuth: AuthErrorLogin and AuthBeforeLogin 
 +  * **jUrl** 
 +    * Significant url engineyou can now use <​entrypoint type=...>​ instead of <​...entrypoint>​ 
 +    * ticket #767: allowing ​external files to define significant urls  
 +  * **jelix-scripts** 
 +     * ticket #870new script to create a business class from a dao 
 +     ​ticket #848createform ​and createdaocrud create now files for locales 
 +     ​ticket ​#937commands can now indicate if the application must exist or not to run the command ​ 
 +  ​* remove deprecated classes and members from some classes: jController::​processZone,​ jResponseHtml::​_commonProcess,​ jResponseHtmlFragment::​_commonProcess,​ jResponseXUL::​_commonProcess,​ jFormsBase::​getDatas,​ jTpl::​metaFetch,​ jDateTime::​BD_*,​ interface jIFormDatasource,​ class jDummyAuthUser 
 ==== Bug fixes ==== ==== Bug fixes ====
-    ​installers and jInstaller +  ​These release contains all bug fixed in 1.1.x series
-        * use of table prefix in sql install scripts (#1119) +
-        * fixed errors about jacl2_profile in installer of jacl2db +
-        * fixed issues in the installation of jacl2db +
-        * fixed bugs in jInstallerBase (#1121) +
-        * jAppManager should throw exceptions instead of printing errors and exit +
-        * sql script for jacl does not take care about db prefix +
-        * ticket #1162: fix bug in installer.ini.php when basePath is set with a value other than empty or slash. It caused unknown module errors. +
-        * ticket #1175: execSQLScript in installer should be executed inside a transaction +
-        * ticket #1176: bad error message in the installer when an error is triggered by jIniFileModifier +
-        * jInstaller : modules should be installed in the right order, even if it doesn'​t have an installer +
-        * installwizard:​ variable typofix in confmail.tpl (#1135) +
-        * InstallWizard:​ we should be able to execute some pages after the page installapp +
-        * jInstaller and jIniFileModifier:​ When writing in ini files, an exception should be thrown when an error appears +
-        * jInstallChecker should be able to check if some needed files are writable or no +
-        * ticket #​1156: ​fixed some messages ​in the wizard/​checker +
-    * jForms +
-        * for wysiwyg editors, if the content has only html elements, no text, it should be considered empty and so the check should fail if a content is required +
-        * ticket #1149: in datasources,​ "​0"​ labels or values are ignored +
-        * ticket #1154: jForms::​clean may lead to an exception when having several entry points with several modules accesses +
-        * ticket #1143: htmleditor with only img, video, object, should be considered as valid +
-        * ticket #1151: subelements of unselected choice should be marked as disabled instead of readonly. Added also a buton on datetime input to erase the value +
-        * Fixed bug on retrieving labels from a datasource in a form, when the datasource is a dao with criterias. New method jIFormsDatasource2::​getLabel2. +
-        * ticket #1039: use FileInfo instead of mime_content_type +
-        * wrong variable used in jforms_jquery.js +
-        * Fixed issued on error handling on upload controls +
-    * core +
-        * ticket #1166 basePath was rewritten in a cli context whereas it shouldn'​t. +
-        * jExceptionHandler should take care about the case where is not yet ready +
-        * ticket #1170: jResponse: should not force HTTP/1.1 +
-        * ticket #1188: jResponseHtml,​ type attribut on link tag should be optional. +
-    * jDb, jDao +
-        * ticket #1130: bad variable name in mssql.tools.php +
-        * #1138: jPDOConnection::​quote2 added two quotes instead of a single +
-        * jDbTools, mysql, parseSQLScript:​ some empty queries were not detected +
-        * ticket #1129: $ should not be allowed in parameters of dao methods +
-        * ticket #1193 : fixed bad dsn generation for sqlite with pdo. Improved the sqlite profile by allowing shorcut like app:, lib: and var: in the database name, both for native driver and pdo. +
-        * ticket #1046: dao: format of date / time too permissive +
-    * jUrl +
-        * ticket #1124: fixed issues with jUrl when creating urls of an other entrypoint +
-        * jurl significant with sub urls.xml: sometimes, there are two / +
-        * fixed bug on significant url: jurl::get didn't return url corresponding to a rest controller +
-        * ticket #1207: url significant,​ regexp special characters inside a path info should be escaped +
-    * jelix modules +
-        * Fixed infinite recursion when authentification is missing in some case. +
-        * master_admin should check the admin password when it is stored with sha1 +
-    * utils +
-        * jMailer: all headers should be in the content when it sends to file +
-        * ticket #1152: bad variable name in jDateTime::​substract +
-        * ticket #1202: jMailer: failure when using SingleTo feature and mail() function +
-        * ticket #1100: wikirenderer:​ bad code tag parsing +
-    * jTpl and tpl plugins +
-        * ticket #1148: jTpl: jdatetime plugin should return an empty string if the date is null +
-        * ticket #1150: jtpl, number_format modifier should use non-breakable space as thousands separator, instead of a simple space. +
-        * ticket #1150: number_format doesn'​t like utf8 characters +
-        * ticket #1172: function gravatar, bad checking of username param +
-    * jelix-scripts +
-        * ticket #1153: fix warning on command createclassfromdao +
-        * ticket #1163: createapp -withcmdline fail in case of non alphanumeric characters in appname+
 ====== Other versions ====== ====== Other versions ======
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