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Jelix 1.2beta1

This page is listing updates and enhancements added since 1.1.x version, and that are available in the 1.2beta1 version.

Changelog updated as of : abb1b07f531c

Main improvements

  • new module management
  • new install and upgrade system
  • new wizard system (configurable) to install a jelix application
  • Improved the performance and the flexibility of jDb profiles
  • new jCache class to store all you want in a cache, and where you want (memcache, files..)
  • support of nosql database with jKVDb
  • possibility to put an application offline easily
  • updated TCPDF to 4.5.015
  • updated Wikirenderer to 3.1.2

Migrating from Jelix 1.1.x

Read the corresponding chapter in the manual of Jelix 1.2.

Details of changes

Enhancements, new features

  • New modules management.
    • ticket #821: Improve the policy management module. see above.
  • ticket #31/#263: new installation/update system
    • a module should provide a class which should inherit from jInstallerModule. For upgrades, a module can provides a file for each version which needs to do things to upgrade to this version.
    • ticket #965: moved jInstallCheck to installer/ and unified message reporters between jInstallCheck and jInstaller. The same interface is used now.
  • ticket #1048: support of nosql database with jKVDb
  • jDb and jDao
    • Improved the performance and the flexibility of jDb profiles. Now a profile name can be an alias or a real name. If a profile doesn't exist, the default profile is used. So, if an external module needs a specific profile name, we don't have to setup a profile. We just have to set an alias.
    • ticket #590: make PDO/sqlite database path specification relative.
    • new method jDbConnection::tools, and jDb::getTools is now deprecated.
    • new jDbSchema object to create and manage tables. only mysql driver for the moment.
    • ticket #799: experimental jdb driver for mssql
    • ticket #871: jDbTools provides a way to translate any field type.
      • Dao files can now refers to any database field type, although it doesn't support blob fields yet
      • support of a new attribute autoincrement on the property element in jdao
      • better support of long numerical values
      • new properties on jDbField: unifiedType, unsigned, minLength, maxLength minValue maxValue
      • new methods on jDbTools: getTypeInfo, unifiedToPhpType, stringToPhpValue, escapeValue, getBooleanValue, encloseName
      • no more static properties on jDaoCompiler
      • Api of jDaoParser and jDaoGenerator has changed
      • new properties on jDaoProperty: unifiedType, autoIncrement, and the signature of the constructor has changed
      • removed the deprecated method jDb::getProfil and you should use jDb::getProfile instead.
    • ticket #923: jDao, support of insertpattern on primary key not autoincremented. removed also the primary keys into update queries
    • ticket #869: execSQLScript now is able to use the table prefix indicated in a profile
    • ticket #477: support of postgresql schemas in jdb profiles. you can indicate the search_path value
  • jForms
    • ticket #784: help messages are not shown anymore with javascript
    • ticket #887: jFormsBase::prepareObjectFromControls supports the new unifiedType
    • ticket #1000: new jFormsBase::getUploads() method
    • ticket #1002: CSS classes added to specify control types in html builders
    • ticket #934: new wikieditor widget for jForms
  • Responses
    • ticket #810: we can now change the title of the html response with the jtpl meta plugin
    • ticket #864: improvements on jResponseLatexPdf
      • added a date property
      • added a property outputFileName
      • we can choice the title
      • changes on the command line call
    • Added a property $temporary on redirect and redirecturl responses
    • ticket #737: display of the stack trace with the error message, in responses, if the TRACE keyword is used in the configuration
    • ticket #1063: support of author and generator metas on jResponseHtml
    • ticket #860: possibility to concatene and compress JS and CSS files automatically
  • Utils
    • ticket #540: new jCache class.
    • ticket #796: added a new output type FULL_LANG_DATE in jDateTime.
    • ticket #623: new method jDateTime::substract
    • jMailer: added a new type of mailer, file, to store mails into files instead of sending them, to test an application without having connectivity to internet
    • Added a new method isModified on jIniFileModifier and jIniMultiFilesModifier
    • improved jIniFileModifier : removeValue(), supporting comments when removing a value.
    • methods of jCrypt become public.
    • new class jVersionComparator
  • core
    • ticket #854: Optimisation of the loading of coord plugins.
    • ticket #903: jUrl, significant engine: multiple modules without action for a unique entrypoint.
    • New method jRequest::getProtocol()
    • ticket #656: better support of PUT for rest controllers.
  • jTpl
    • ticket #804: parenthesis were not accepted in foreach statements
    • added a default tpl variable in jTpl: $j_locale, which contains the current locale code
    • added the include plugin for jtpl
    • ticket #808: add break jTpl plugin.
    • ticket #943: cycle_init accepts now arrays as argument
    • ticket #760: new tpl plugin, modifier truncatehtml.
    • ticket #996: meta_html plugin allows now additionnal parameters
    • ticket #1003: new mailto plugin
    • ticket #938: new jfullurl plugin
    • ticket #654: date_format accepts now a timestamp for the default date
    • ticket #1019: new hook plugin, to send events during the content generation
    • ticket #993: new gravatar plugin
  • jAcl2
    • ticket #1014: jAcl2db_admin: localized subject instead of the id
    • ticket #1015: new jAcl2DbUserGroup::getPrivateGroup() method
    • ticket #1016: jAcl2Db: support named groups
  • jEvents : more flexibility by calling the old method performEvent on listeners
  • junittest module: new method jUnitTestsDb::assertTableContainsRecordsByKeys
  • Diff lib: table formater generates now better html content and with line numbers. Added also a default css for diff formating.
  • ticket #947: master_admin module: add an $order property on masterAdminDashboardWidget
  • ticket #934 Added markitup, a wiki editor in javascript
  • ticket #1051: additionnal events generated by jAuth: AuthErrorLogin and AuthBeforeLogin
  • jUrl
    • Significant url engine: you can now use <entrypoint type=…> instead of <…entrypoint>
    • ticket #767: allowing external files to define significant urls
  • jelix-scripts
    • ticket #870: new script to create a business class from a dao
    • ticket #848: createform and createdaocrud create now files for locales
    • ticket #937: commands can now indicate if the application must exist or not to run the command
  • remove deprecated classes and members from some classes: jController::processZone, jResponseHtml::_commonProcess, jResponseHtmlFragment::_commonProcess, jResponseXUL::_commonProcess, jFormsBase::getDatas, jTpl::metaFetch, jDateTime::BD_*, interface jIFormDatasource, class jDummyAuthUser

Bug fixes

  • These release contains all bug fixed in 1.1.x series.

Other versions

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