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Trace: 1.4.x

This page is listing updates and enhancements added since 1.4.0 version.

This branch has reached its end of life. 1.4.8 is the latest release.

Jelix 1.4.8

Released on Octobre 26th, 2015.

Critical bugs

  • in jauth login::out(): Fix infinite loop after a logout in some cases


  • new method jCoordinator::execOriginalAction() allowing to know if the current action is the action corresponding to the requested action. I.e, to know if there was an internal redirection asked by a coord plugin

Bugs fixed

  • Fix jAuth: prevent timing attack on hash comparison

Jelix 1.4.7

Released on February 24th, 2015


  • jWsdl is now able to generate WSDL taking account of a rootUrl
  • Improved the help of the acl2right command
  • Upgrade WikiRenderer 3.1.6 to fix issues with php 5.4+
  • Vagrant configuration for Jelix Contributors

Bugs fixed

  • Config compiler: fix cli incompatibility with Windows
  • Fix jelix-scripts: help doesn't display good options for createapp

Jelix 1.4.6

Released on September 23th, 2014

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed urls significant engine warnings in case of empty static params (gmarrot)
  • Fixed a variable issue in jBasicErrorHandler (xnathanx)
  • bug fixed from 1.3.9
    • Fixed instanciation of a Dao when using the same with multiple profiles
    • Fixed bad content type check in jRequest::readHttpBody()

Jelix 1.4.5

Released on 19 september 2013


  • In the configuration, possibility to redefine the name for plugins of the coordinator. eg: <originalname>.name = <newname>
  • Imported from Jelix 1.3.8
    • command createdao: Add a check for non existing table (by Phillipe)

Bugs fixed

  • Imported from Jelix 1.3.8
    • Minify plugin: fixed a regression
    • bug #1513 - jauthdb_admin: admin couldn't change the password
    • Fixed a bad method call in the command createzone (fixed by Khena)
  • Imported from Jelix 1.2.13
    • Soap: fix the parameters parser, to allow non-scalar parameters (fixed by khena)

Jelix 1.4.4

Released on 21 March 2013

Critical bugs

  • fix regressions in jAuth (infinite redirection loop) because of bad fix in jUrl::getCurrentUrl()

Jelix 1.4.3

Released on 19 March 2013


  • Imported from Jelix 1.3.6:
    • Ticket #1487 - improve jControllerDaoCrud::index(): it injects the dao and the profile in the template
  • Imported from Jelix 1.2.12:
    • jAuth: security improvement. New option session_destroy=on in the configuration of jAuth, to destroy the session after a jAuth::logout()
    • ticket #1483 - jauth listener: improved the actif field check. The value of this field in the user table can be either either '1', 'true', 'on', 'yes'.

Bugs fixed

  • jPref::get() did return false for empty string instead of an empty string
  • jpref_admin module: fixed right needed to show the preferences menu item
  • Imported from Jelix 1.3.6:
    • Fix #1461 - minify, bad exlusion of files. Base path in indicated URL should be take cared
    • Fix #1488 - jUrl::getCurrentUrl() should return or not the entry point according to the URL configuration
    • Fix #1504 - menulist should take care about <emptyitem>. The empty option should not be generated, except in the case where the selection in the menulist is not required or if <emptyitem> is filled.
  • Imported from Jelix 1.2.12:
    • Fixed jAuth: the new hash method couldn't be used by app that don't use the jauth module
    • Fix #1503 - jDaoConditions should satinize order input
    • Fix #1496 - jforms, syntax error with generateHtmleditor when xhtml attribute is not true
    • Fix #1481 - let's have a default template for the check install zone so no error for language not supported by the jelix module.
    • Fix #1497 - offset error in jIniFileModifier when reading multiline values
    • fix #1498 - jIniFileModifier should return an array for keys that are arrays. Warning: it may brake your code. Previous behavior was to return the first value.
    • fix #1509 - Wrong HTTP status code with jTcpdfResponse. Default headers were not sent.

Jelix 1.4.2

Released on 29 dec. 2012

Bugs fixed

  • jDao: the autoload failed when a dao object is stored in a session with an entry point that did not activate the module the dao comes from (Brice Tence)
  • Fix bug in the mysqli driver for jDb. Fatal error during the retrieve of result of prepared statement, on installation that don't use mysqlnd
  • Fix sqlite scripts for the update of jacl2db
  • jUrl::getCurrentUrl(): prevent a trailing '?' (Brice T)
  • Load coordinator plugin with include_once, not include in _loadPlugins, so no more issue when switching of jelix environment (Charles R)
  • Fixed in 1.3.5
    • jelix-scripts: installapp command didn't receive the configuration (catsoup)
    • jUrl::getCurrentUrl() should return the URL for the frontend server when the app is behind a proxy
    • Jelix-tests - fix a bug: launching runtests.php with a filename did execute all tests of the module instead of the given file
    • jForms - deactivated lists inside a choice item was activated
    • Fixed a typo error in ldap driver for jAuth (Khena)
    • jacl2db_admin: little improvements on the screen allowing manage groups rights

Jelix 1.4.1

Release date: 10/25/2012


  • new hashing method in jAuth, using new password API of PHP 5.5 (a pure PHP implementation is provided in Jelix for other PHP version). It allows to store password in a more secure manner. Read the migration process if you want to use this new hashing method in your current Jelix 1.4 application. These improvement has been backport in all active branch.
  • New BASEPATH variable available in static HTML pages and error pages
  • From Jelix 1.3.x
    • debug toolbar: display error messages logged directly by the user in the same categories of PHP errors
    • jSoapClient: added duration of soap requests into logs
    • new jtpl modifier to use DateTime to display date
    • Update jQuery UI (1.8.20 → 1.8.24) (Philippe Villiers)
    • Update TCPDF (5.9.159 → 5.9.193) (Philippe Villiers)
    • ticket #1485 - support of short time format in jDateTime and jDatatype

Bugs fixed

  • jacl2db: in the rights table, the field id_aclres of rights that are not on resources, is now containing the value “-“ instead of null. A SQL script is executed by the installer to update your table. This fix has been done in order to fix issue in some database like Oracle, where a primary key on several field cannot contain a null value. (Philippe Villiers)
  • getFieldList of sqlite3 driver did not detect correctly “not null” fields
  • jInstallChecker: in PHP 5.4, short_open_tag is deprecated. Don't verify it in the checker
  • jLog: Fix unusable custom loggers. (Philippe Villiers)
  • initadmin should disable the jacl module by default
  • ticket #1482 - the installer couldn't use mysql SQL script to install with the mysqli driver.
  • ticket #1486 - jImageModifier - transparent background was not correctly applied
  • fixed selectors of locales in jpref
  • Fixed a few code style problems, possible break bugs and undefined variables. (Philippe Villiers)
  • PHPUnit tests: fixed messages in junittestcase
  • From Jelix 1.3.x
    • jDao: Add quotes escaping in patterns value. (Philippe Villiers)
    • jCoordinator plugins: configuration inside main configuration file of the entry points, was not well supported
    • Coordinator plugins auth, jacl, jacl2: for ajax request, these plugins should not do redirections when there is an error
    • jSoapClient: log was not generated when the result of a call was an exception
    • jMailer: take the default mailer type if it is empty in the configuration
    • jUnitTestCase for PHPUnit
      • Fixed assertion method assertComplexIdentical
      • Fixed a bad phpunit call to check classes
    • Tests: fixed possible conflicts in some tests
    • Tests: fixed unit test with pgsql
  • From 1.2.x branch
    • In tests (Brice Tencé)
    • In the installer, errors appearing during the temp cleanup are now catched and a readable warning message is displayed.
    • testapp - forgot to add a script to upgrade the database with the table towns
    • Fixed verbose mode in jelix-scripts, with the -v flag (Philippe Villiers)
    • Fix jDatatype: wrong regexp to extract mindata/maxdate in jDatatypeDateTime

Other versions

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