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This page is listing updates and enhancements added since 1.5.0 version.

This branch has reached its end of life. No more release, except to fix security holes until February 2018.

Jelix 1.5.8

Released on January 4th, 2017.

Bugs fixed

  • Upgrade PHPMailer to 5.2.21 to fix security holes in PHPMailer

Jelix 1.5.7

Released on february 8th, 2016.

Bugs fixed

  • fix jDatetime about RCF822 format and timezone: convertion should be done with the UTC +0000 timezone. Note that this fix may change dates in XML RSS feeds
  • jDao : now methods using parameters for a 'in' condition, can accept single value. It will be used as an array of a single value.

Jelix 1.5.6

Released on October 26th, 2015.

Critical bugs

  • in jauth login::out(): Fix infinite loop after a logout in some cases


  • new method jCoordinator::execOriginalAction() allowing to know if the current action is the action corresponding to the requested action. I.e, to know if there was an internal redirection asked by a coord plugin

Bugs fixed

  • Fix jAuth: prevent timing attack on hash comparison

Jelix 1.5.5

Released on February 24th, 2015


  • Jelix-script: add the command name in error messages
  • improvements from 1.4.7
    • jWsdl is now able to generate WSDL taking account of a rootUrl
    • Improved the help of the acl2right command
    • Upgrade WikiRenderer 3.1.6 to fix issues with php 5.4+
    • Vagrant configuration for Jelix Contributors

Bugs fixed

  • Jelix-scripts: fix error with createmodule with -ep option
  • bug fixed from 1.4.7
    • Config compiler: fix cli incompatibility with Windows
    • Fix jelix-scripts: help doesn't display good options for createapp

Jelix 1.5.4

Released on September 23th, 2014


  • the module jauthdb_admin can now use a jauth driver that is not “Db” but which provides a Dao. In the configuration of the driver, a parameter compatiblewithdb=on should be set to certify that jauthdb_admin can manage users with this driver.

Bugs fixed

  • Configuration: fixed the use of aliases for coord plugins
  • Fixed bug on template/other files compilation with opcode cache engines
  • bug fixed from 1.4.6
    • Fixed urls significant engine warnings in case of empty static params (gmarrot)
    • Fixed a variable issue in jBasicErrorHandler (xnathanx)
  • bug fixed from 1.3.9
    • Fixed instanciation of a Dao when using the same with multiple profiles
    • Fixed bad content type check in jRequest::readHttpBody()

Jelix 1.5.3

Released on 19 september 2013


  • Imported from Jelix 1.4.5
    • In the configuration, possibility to redefine the name for plugins of the coordinator. eg: <originalname>.name = <newname>
  • Imported from Jelix 1.3.8
    • command createdao: Add a check for non existing table (by Phillipe)

Bugs fixed

  • jForms: fixed a fatal error when an hidden element is inside a group
  • HTML response: fixed the lang value in the html tag for W3C compliance
  • Imported from Jelix 1.3.8
    • Minify plugin: fixed a regression
    • bug #1513 - jauthdb_admin: admin couldn't change the password
    • Fixed a bad method call in the command createzone (fixed by Khena)
  • Imported from Jelix 1.2.13
    • Soap: fix the parameters parser, to allow non-scalar parameters (fixed by khena)

Jelix 1.5.2

Released on 21 March 2013

Critical bugs

  • fix regressions in jAuth (infinite redirection loop) because of bad fix in jUrl::getCurrentUrl()

Jelix 1.5.1

Released on 19 March 2013


  • New directory layout for jLocale, to provide easily the support for a new language. You can store all properties files for a new lang in the var/locales/<lang>/<module>/locales/ directory. It then becomes easy to provide a new lang, by unzipping a given archive into var/locales/<lang>/.
  • New jConfig::$fromCache, to know if the configuration is readed from the cache or not
  • Marked loadClasses config parameter as deprecated. The autoload configuration in module.xml file should be used instead.
  • Add comments in some properties file
  • Imported from Jelix 1.3.6:
    • Ticket #1487 - improve jControllerDaoCrud::index(): it injects the dao and the profile in the template
  • Imported from Jelix 1.2.12:
    • jAuth: security improvement. New option session_destroy=on in the configuration of jAuth, to destroy the session after a jAuth::logout()
    • ticket #1483 - jauth listener: improved the actif field check. The value of this field in the user table can be either either '1', 'true', 'on', 'yes'.

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed an error about a bad include path when using jPrefManager (Fixed by vdemonchy)
  • Fixed a potential error in the Gold edition, during the load of the jelix_api.php file
  • Update jquery.include.js to be compatible with jQuery 1.9 (fixed by Vincent Viaud)
  • Fixed fatal error (regression) when executing entry points for command line. (fixed by Gaëtan MARROT)
  • Imported from Jelix 1.4.3:
    • jPref::get() did return false for empty string instead of an empty string
    • jpref_admin module: fixed right needed to show the preferences menu item
  • Imported from Jelix 1.3.6:
    • Fix #1461 - minify, bad exlusion of files. Base path in indicated URL should be take cared
    • Fix #1488 - jUrl::getCurrentUrl() should return or not the entry point according to the URL configuration
    • Fix #1504 - menulist should take care about <emptyitem>. The empty option should not be generated, except in the case where the selection in the menulist is not required or if <emptyitem> is filled.
  • Imported from Jelix 1.2.12:
    • Fixed jAuth: the new hash method couldn't be used by app that don't use the jauth module
    • Fix #1503 - jDaoConditions should satinize order input
    • Fix #1496 - jforms, syntax error with generateHtmleditor when xhtml attribute is not true
    • Fix #1481 - let's have a default template for the check install zone so no error for language not supported by the jelix module.
    • Fix #1497 - offset error in jIniFileModifier when reading multiline values
    • fix #1498 - jIniFileModifier should return an array for keys that are arrays. Warning: it may brake your code. Previous behavior was to return the first value.
    • fix #1509 - Wrong HTTP status code with jTcpdfResponse. Default headers were not sent.

Jelix 1.5.0

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