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  [Opened] An initial question

Posted by killerrabbit on 03/09/2008 14:54


I'm looking for the framework to build my project on and as such have found Jelix to be interesting. But before I invest my time and resources I would like to have some questions answered to what is reasonably possible and able to use Jelix for in the aspect of what I'm aiming at.

What I'm aiming at is an web site and application for comic creators to have tools for creating digital multimedia comics, collaborate and present the outcome to visitors in various formats (ie more than just web pages). By preference I'd like to not be dependant on any external relational database manager application, but on PHP5 native XML and file handling. I also prefer it have an one backend application with file storage formats (mainly XML) and _multiple output formats via RESTful web services. Multiple clients including static and AJAX enabled ones will then be able to communicate with it.

From what I understand so far most of this should be possible without too much additional code. The one area I'm a not sure about and which have made me step away from most other framework candidates is the XML file storage part and no database dependency at all.

So the most important question for me at this point is how well or closely supported XML file storage might be with Jelix? Or else if you are able to estimate if and how advanced a task it would be to implement?_

  [Opened] Re: An initial question

Reply #1 Posted by laurentj on 03/09/2008 23:03


PHP5 provides many functions about XML files : simplexml, DOM. So you can read, write and modify XML files.

So Jelix doesn't provide same features.

Which features do you need exactly about XML files ?

  [Opened] Re: An initial question

Reply #2 Posted by Dubphil on 03/10/2008 12:04

Don't stay on a bad experience with relationnal databases, take a look to postgresql that would probably ease your life...

  [Opened] Re: An initial question

Reply #3 Posted by Dubphil on 03/11/2008 09:08

Perhaps it would be a good idea to implement the support for XML native databases into Jelix...

example : http://exist.sourceforge.net/

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