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  [Opened] Jelix moved to Github

Posted by laurentj on 08/24/2011 15:10

Dear contributors,

As you may know, the project has been moved to github

You can read why here: http://jelix.org/en/news/post/let-s-move(..)

Rules to commit have changed a bit.

Except to fix some syntax issues, misspelling or tiny changes, don't commit directly on this repository (for those who have write access). You are strongly encouraged to fork the repository in your github account, and commit your changes into this fork.

Then you will have to do a "pull request". It allows us to review your changes in github, and when all is ok, to integrate your changes easily into the official repository.

If you want to propose several different changes, create a branch for each changes, so we could integrate changes individually, depending of their "review status". With Git, when your changes will be integrated, you could "delete" the corresponding branch in your fork.

As usual, let's discuss on the forum or on the mailing-list of your proposition of improvement/bug fix before you code it, especially if this is a critical change, an API change or a big/complex change. You will have more chance to see them imported in the official repository.

For the code review, I think that everyone (who have a github account) could comment and review pull requests. So don't hesitate to review changes! I don't want to be anymore the single reviewer :-)

The submission of patch into tickets on developer.jelix.org is now a "deprecated" way to contribute; I prefer to work now with Github.

However for the moment, use developer.jelix.org to indicate bugs/improvements, although you can use the github issues manager of the project. The use of the github issues manager is still under study (what about of its feature, how to migrate tickets etc...). We probably migrate to it but no decision has been made for now.

If you have suggestion, don't hesitate to let me know.

I want a project management more flexible.

Fork it, fork it, fork it!

  1. Jelix moved to Github