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Jelix 1.0

  • RC1 : svn-711 (12/18/2007)
  • RC2 : svn-725 (01/02/2008)
  • 1.0 : svn-731 01/08/2008

Main improvements since 1.0b3.1

  • Compatible with PHP 5.2 and higher ( GOPHP5 campaign)
  • New format for action selectors
  • new response jResponseTcpdf to generate PDF
  • new attributes and elements in jforms xml format and improved stability of jForms
  • Support of drivers for jDaoGenerator so it easier to support additionnal database in jDao
  • Possiblity to add dynamically prefix on table name in jDao and jDb, without modifying your source code.
  • Possiblity to store sessions in a database
  • Possibility to overload locales and jforms files
  • You can display errors and logs in firebug
  • Improvements in jDb::getTools
  • many bug fixes and optimizations for better performances

Update from 1.0beta3.1

Because of some changes, you have to do things in your application to migrate from 1.0beta3.1 to 1.0.

  • New format for action selectors: the separator between the controller name and the method name has changed from “_” to “:”. You can now use “_” in your controller name and method names. So you should :
    • modify all your action selectors
    • or set enableOldActionSelector=on in your config file, then you can use old and new action selector. However, in this case, if you use the new format, you cannot use short selector : you must indicate at least both controller and method name.
  • removed support of deprecated *motif attribute in jDao
  • old behavior about parameters in xmlrpc and jsonrpc requests is re-enabled. If the RPC parameter is an array, its elements become a jelix parameter. However the RPC parameter is still stored in a 'params' jelix parameter (#279)
  • old class namming is now disabled and enableOldClassNaming option in the configuration has been removed
  • the name of jDb driver for postgresql has changed to pgsql. Update your dbprofils.ini.php.
  • Old deprecated methods have been removed (#299)

Change details

Improvements, new features

  • jControllerDaoCrud:
    • improvements from 1.0branch3.x
    • added the response as a parameter to some methods of jControllerDaoCrud (#330)
  • Responses:
    • added a jResponseRedirectUrl::toReferer method and added an error message when the url is empty in jResponseRedirect
    • improved addCssLink usability for IE in jResponseHTML (#348)
    • new response jResponseTcpdf (codename: tcpdf), based on TCPDF classes, to generate PDF. If you want to use it, you have to download the archive which contains all fonts.
  • jForms:
    • added the possibility to overload a jforms file
    • added a primarykey value as a parameter of initControlFromDao and saveControlToDao (#274)
    • HTML forms generated by jForms can now be sent with GET method (#273)
    • added support of size attribute on input and secret elements, and rows and cols on textarea (#307)
    • Added a jFormsBase::getControl() method
    • you can now put 'now' as a defaultvalue of a date/time input (#313)
    • Added support of minlength and maxlength attribute on input and textarea elements (#251)
    • Added support in jforms of datasources based on a class (#323)
    • new reset control (#258)
    • formscontrol plugin: you can indicate list of fields to not display (#353)
    • span tag has been added around radio buttons and checkboxes
  • jDatatype: new method getFacet()
  • jTpl:
    • new method appendZone
    • added j_themepath predefined variable (#346)
    • added support of 'else' keyword for block plugin in jtpl (#349)
    • improvement of pagelinks plugin (#340)
    • new plugin stripws (#140)
    • new plugin count_record (#370)
    • new plugin counter (#375)
  • jDao:
    • Implementing drivers for jDaoGenerator (#101)
    • Added support of events in jDao methods (#51)
    • New default attribute on properties
    • Added table prefix support in jDb/jDao (#293)
    • Added boolean datatype in jDao (#142)
  • jDb : the postgresql db driver has been renamed to pgsql (#269 #319)
  • jEvent : increased performance and removed jEventListenerFactory class
  • jelix extension: added new selector parsers (#256)
  • Improvements in the install checker.
  • new class jSession, allowing to choose the storage : files, database (#354)
  • Possibility to overload locales files (#358)
  • improvements in jDateTime : support of RFC2822 format, and better date check (#379)
  • Support of Firebug : error messages and logs can be displayed in Firebug (#179)
  • jlog:
    • file names are more configurable (#344)
    • possibility to include IP in logs file names (#357)
  • Added webmasterEmail and webmasterName parameter in the configuration file (#278)

Bug fixes

  • All bugs fixed in the 1.0branch3.x
  • jTpl standalone does not work when an output type is specified (#321)
  • jDao:
    • Autoincremented fields and calculated fields other than primary keys were not updated in the record object, when it was inserted into the database (#11)
    • SQL errors when using deleteBy() (#376)
  • jForms:
    • if a dao property was not required and the corresponding field in jforms was empty, the updated or inserted value in the database was not null (#305)
    • bug in jforms.js with IE (#335 + #332)
    • error when trying to update a record with jforms, when no value in this record was not changed (#341)
    • an empty choice in a menulist was not created when the menulist is not required (#315)
    • on IE, submitted values of buttons are labels instead of their real values (#334)
    • when a field is empty, it didn't use the default value of the corresponding dao property when saving values in a dao (#342)
    • Errors when using jForms with multiple keys (#306)
    • jforms.js file was not included when using formfull plugin (#360)
  • jDb:
    • fixed bugs in jDb::getTools, mysqlDbTools and pgsqlDbTools
    • fixed bugs in sqliteDbTools (#336)
    • bad error message when connection was closed after a timeout (#359)
  • Bad generated path in JELIX_APP_WWW_PATH with windows (#331)
  • jResponseBinary: bad headers for the download with IE (#337)
  • jAuth: error 'jDummyAuthUser class not found' in some case (#352)
  • Notice on the use of a deprecated constant jSON_LOOSE_TYPE (#316)
  • Notice on a undefined variable in jMailer (#314)
  • Bad escape in a string in the javascript part of jforms (#326)
  • Errors in help messages in jelix-scripts (#328)
  • bad display of the calls stack in exception handler (#356)
  • Bad generated url when a controller was not indicated in urls.xml (#364)
  • notFoundAct config parameter is supported now by the simple url engine (#219)

Bugs fixed between 1.0RC1 and 1.0RC2

  • jMailer, bad encoding of characters in the subject (#374)
  • Forms, impossible to save an empty selection with saveControlToDao (#384)
  • infinite loop when throwing exception in a specific lang in which error messages don't exist (#387)
  • bad behaviors about urls when running jelix on a server with PHP-CGI or SUPHP (#390)
  • No explicit error when after_login or after_logout aren't set (#388)
  • bad values in the config file of auth plugin in jauth module (#393)
  • enableOldActionSelector option should not be in the defaultconfig template if ENABLE_OLD_ACTION_SELECTOR=0 (#391)
  • error 'jDummyAuthUser class not found' when migrating from jelix beta to RC1 (#395)
  • fails of few unit tests with jFilter + filter extension + some other notices (#394)

Bugs fixed between 1.0RC2 and 1.0

  • jforms: added span and classes around checkboxes and radiobuttons
  • jDao, bad generated query when calling countBy. order clause is not allowed here, and a WHERE keyword is generated even if conditions are empty (#398)
  • notFoundAct was not used in some cases when using significant url engine and for default entry point (#401)
  • Removed a notice on REMOTE_ADDR in cli sapi (#404)

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