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Trace: 1.0beta3.1

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Jelix 1.0 beta 3.1

2007, 19 october, (svn 617)


  • jControllerDaoCrud:
    • jControllerDaoCrud has now a property to indicate the jDb profil to use for the dao, and it is filled automatically by the createdaocrud command (#285)
    • added some hook methods on jControllerDaoCrud (#281)
    • added table headers in the crud_list.tpl (#280)
    • added a property to specify the records order
  • jForms:
    • Added a “profil” parameter to methods of jFormsBase: initFromDao, saveToDao, initControlFromDao, saveControlToDao (#285)

Bug fixes

  • jDao:
    • quote in content of selectpattern was not escaped (#282)
    • jDaoBase::findBy : order clause was not generated
  • jForms:
    • a key parameter was missing on the jFormsBase:saveToDao method (#275)
    • bad parameters count in block.form.php (#294)
    • defaultvalue attribute was not really supported (#295)
    • bad regular expression to check mail string in jforms.js and jFilter (#297, #304)
    • deprecated “name” HTML attribute on form element should not be generated (#301)
    • bad value in “method” attribute on form element (#302)
    • errors set with setErrorOn were not displayed (#300)
    • javascript date validation didn't work (#309)
    • empty parameters for the error and help decorator for the form plugin were not allowed
  • jControllerDaoCrud:
    • previous errors in a form for creation, were not erased in some case. Added a new action, precreate, to fix it (#292)
  • jAcl: it didn't get the user data from the right session variable when the user is stored in other variable than JELIX_USER
  • createdaocrud command:
    • optional parameter ctrlname on createdaocrud command was not optional (#283)
  • junittests module:
    • bad module context during the run of all unit tests in junittest module (#284)
  • use of mktime() generated strict message, replace it by time() (#290)
  • bad argument name in jControllerCmdLine (#291)
  • bad inclusion of temporary files when APC extension is activated (#189)

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