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Trace: 1.0.11

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Jelix 1.0.11

Still in development.

Changelog updated : 6965077ca8e7.

Updating from Jelix 1.0.10

This release fixes only a few little bugs. You can update jelix safely and you don't have to make changes in your source code. Here are instructions:

  • You can replace safely the lib directory by the new one provided in the jelix 1.0.11 package.
  • delete all files in the temp/ directories

Little improvements

  • Improved the conformance with HTTP specification in redirections (#957)

Fixed Bugs

  • bad SQL syntax generated by jDao for LIKE conditions. spaces are missing around the operator (#976)
  • It could have collisions between instances of jForms forms in session, when not given a full selector to jForms (#979)
  • Wikirenderer: fixed an issue on the generation of code block with wr3 rules (#973)
  • UTF8 support for mysql with PDO drivers did not work (#939)

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