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Jelix 1.0.3

Still in developpement. Current development version: SVN-848

Updating from Jelix 1.0.2

This release fix only some few little bugs. You can update jelix safely and you don't have to do change in your source code. Here instructions:

  • You can replace safely the lib directory by the new one provided in the jelix 1.0.3 package.
  • delete all files in the temp/ directories

Little improvements

  • createapp creates now a default html response and a default template (#496, #480, #516)
  • added flag to generate or no xml prolog in jResponseXml (#465)
  • better error handling in cli context (#408)
  • added support of Session Name in jSession (#417)
  • added default properties files in iso-8859-15 (#473)
  • added postgresqlSQL scripts for install
  • new method in jControllerDaoCrud to allow to setup our own conditions for the record list (#487)
  • new plugin 'image' for jtpl (#474)
  • support of CR and LF in firebug log (#500)
  • session are now disabled in a CLI context (#445)

Bugs fixed

  • Error in jDaoRecord: unknow jLocale::timestampToDate (#445)
  • module name are transformed with strtolower when using createapp or createmodule command (#456)
  • error in jSelectorTpl when using a template before the creation of a response (#466)
  • bad error management when a response doesn't exist (#462)
  • notice error in jResponseXml (#464)
  • fixed a little bug in pagelinks plugin, some links were not disabled (#475)
  • fixed bug in form plugin : bad check of the parameters number (#481)
  • fixed bug, formcontrols: it shouldn't display submit control if there is a single submit (#482)
  • html builder : cols and rows attributes are required on textarea (#484)
  • jResponseZip : addHttpHeaders didn't exist (#488)
  • jResponseZip : impossible to set the name of the zip (#494)
  • fixed a bug on the count of unit tests in junitests module
  • bad error message in jDaoCompiler (#492)
  • no cmdline controller by default when creating a cmdline application (#418)
  • fixed bug about infinite loop with non-existent charset (#442)
  • fixed bug in jDbTools::execSQLScript for mysql and pgsql driver (#813)
  • call of a deprecated method of jTpl in jZone (#508)
  • in some case, no error when an ini file is invalid (#470)
  • moved some session configuration process from jCoordinator into jSession. (#504)
  • fixed an exception thrown during the execution of jelix-scripts.
  • jFile::removeDir crash if there are a link inside (#519)
  • added jSelectorIface and made jSelectorInterface deprecated (#522)
  • fixed a little bug in jZone::clearAll (#526)
  • jInstallChecker should not warn about magicquotes if the plugin magicquotes is activated. (#515)

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