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Trace: 1.0.5

Jelix 1.0.5

July, 24, 2008. SVN-1040.

Updating from Jelix 1.0.4

This release fix only some few little bugs. You can update jelix safely and you don't have to do change in your source code. Here instructions:

  • You can replace safely the lib directory by the new one provided in the jelix 1.0.5 package.
  • delete all files in the temp/ directories

Little improvements

  • jDb: oracle support with PDO-OCI (#615)

Bugs fixed

  • jtpl: we couldn't use eval keyword in a local name in a template (#605)
  • jDao:
    • update xml method didn't support null values (#576)
    • fixed bug on events generated by daos (#643)
    • bad sql syntax when using jDaoConditions with in/not operators (#572)
  • jForms: jFormsControlDataSource should not define defaultValue=array as it is not valid on a menulist (#641)
  • jSession: old sessions are not purged with some PHP configurations (#645)
  • resolved memory exhausted errors in truncate modifier (#511)
  • error on the exception's selector in modifier.jdatetime.php
  • login tpl of jauth: <label> weren't closed
  • fixed bad translation for the error message 302 (#637)
  • fixed typos in jelix-scripts (#632)
  • fixed bugs in the jtpl plugin image (#587, #588, #589, #628)
  • jauth module: jauth~login:form should redirect to after_login if the user is already connected (#650)
  • a notice appeared in some case during the parsing of properties files (#639)

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