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Jelix 1.0.6

October, 21, 2008. svn 1132.

Updating from Jelix 1.0.5

This release fix only some few little bugs. You can update jelix safely and you don't have to do change in your source code. Here instructions:

  • You can replace safely the lib directory by the new one provided in the jelix 1.0.6 package.
  • delete all files in the temp/ directories

Little improvements

  • Added the support of a timeout option for the postgresql driver (#671)
  • Support for single transaction in PostgreSQL (#674)

Bugs fixed

  • jforms
    • ctrl_value didn't display linebreaks of textarea content (#646)
    • jFormsBase::saveFile function returns bad value (#668)
    • space only values on required fields do not fire errors (#718)
  • jResponseJsonrpc should use the Content-Type 'application/json' as jResponseJson already does (#660)
  • bad parsing in jLocale (#713)
  • jDb
    • jdb:getConnection: two connections were created in some case (#672)
    • Make pg_query() quiet when it should be (#711)
  • jTpl: parenthesis in for statement in jtpl were not allowed, so we couldn't use count function for example. parenthesis are now allowed only in trusted templates (#666)
  • jelix-scripts
    • createdao with table prefix (#703)
    • createdao doesn't recognize numeric type of postgresql (#719)
    • the template in myHtmlResponse was invalid when creating app with -nodefaultmodule (#708)
  • Unit Tests: char 0 is erased in diff html output (#706)
  • jTcpdf: added default font for header and footer (#693)
  • jelix extension:
    • fixed compilation issue with some old compilers
    • bad method name in the declaration of the jIAuthDriver interface

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