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Jelix 1.1beta2

Still in development. in the trunk directory. Here are the updates and enhancements added since the 1.1beta1 version, and that will be available in the future 1.1beta2 version.

Changelog updated until : SVN-1100

Main improvements

Updating from Jelix 1.0.x

See 1.1beta1, and the following para.

Updating from Jelix 1.1b1

  • replace the lib directory by the one in jelix 1.1beta2
  • remove all the files in the temp/ directory

Details of changes

Enhancements, new features

  • all little improvements in the 1.0.x branch since 1.0.5

Bug fixes

  • all bug fixed in the 1.0.x branch since 1.0.5

Other versions

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