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Trace: 1.2

Jelix 1.2

Released on december, 22th, 2010. changeset: 37dfdb261688

Main improvements

  • new module management
  • new install and upgrade system
  • jDb/jDao
    • Improved the performance and the flexibility of jDb profiles
    • support of any SQL type name
  • new jCache class to store all you want in a cache, and where you want (memcache, files..)
  • support of nosql database with jKVDb
  • better error handling in the startup of Jelix
  • improved support of RESTfull actions
  • improvements in jForms:
    • dynamic changes on dependencies of controls (with ajax)
    • better error reporting on client side
    • add support of CKEditor for the htmleditor control
    • support of regular expression in input controls
    • better error handling with uploads
    • new wikieditor control
  • support of including of urls files (provided by modules) in urls.xml
  • js/css can be contatenated and compressed
  • little improvements in master_admin
  • many new jtpl plugins

And of course updated other vendors libraries:

  • updated TCPDF to 4.5.015
  • updated Wikirenderer to 3.1.2
  • updated PHPMailer to 5.1
  • update jquery to 1.4.2
  • updated jquery ui to 1.8.2
  • Updated wymeditor to 0.5rc2

Migrating from Jelix 1.1.x

Read the corresponding chapter in the manual of Jelix 1.2.

Details of changes

See list of details in the changelog of 1.2beta1 and in the changelog of 1.2RC1.

Here are changes appeared since the release of 1.2RC1.

Bugs fixed for 1.2

  • ticket #1244: lastInsertId in the mysql driver should use the link identifier.
  • ticket #1245: added the possibility to inject js code before js links in the html response

Bugs fixed for 1.2RC3

  • added the support of two new configuration options. disableInstallers: if we don't want to run installers and if we want that modules are implicitely installed. enableAllModules: if we want that all modules have an implicite access value to 2
  • Fixed compilation bug in the jelix extension, with php 5.3.
  • added new interfaces of jelix 1.2 in the php extension
  • fixed errors in the sqlite driver for jdb, in the implementation of Iterator
  • jDb, fixed a regression: there was multiple connection for a same profile, when using aliases
  • jdao, bug with count + distinct clause in sqlite
  • ociDbTools::getFieldList didn't work. Added a sequence parameter to the jDbTools::getFieldList so we can indicate the sequence name for the autoincremented primary key. added this sequence parameter in the createdao command too.
  • jForms: modified values are not well detected for listbox and checkboxes
  • jAuth shouldn't have dependencies with jAcl/jAcl2. moved some code into listeners.
  • Fixed bugs in the memcache plugin of jCache and jKVDb, for some versions of the memcache extension of PHP, et fixed the support of float values during incrementation/decrementation
  • added lock on jCache::call to prevent multiple calls on CPU high-consuming functions
  • Javascript datepicker: it didn't work with IE8
  • there was an error 'entry point unknow' when calling the command createentrypoint, and when the application does not have a standard index.php entry point
  • fixed a bad formated string for errors log
  • fixed a notice in the error handler
  • jIniFile: Fixed lack of support of boolean values
  • add a link to disconnect the user, in the login zone
  • fixed links into the template of the checkinstall zone
  • image plugin: alt attribute is not generated when it is empty
  • updated the relaxng schema of xml files of jelix
  • fixed sql script to install testapp with pgsql
  • some little corrections on sql script of jacl2db, for pgsql
  • installwizard, dbprofile page: port and search_path was not supported

Bugs fixed for 1.2 RC2

  • jFormsDatasource, for datasources with criteria, jdao::get should be called when labelmethod is not given
  • Fixed bug: Installers called upgraders for versions higher than the module version
  • ticket #1211: jMailer: error when setting “From:” from a template
  • Fixed regression in the installWizard: it didn't take care anymore of the result code of the process of a page
  • ticket #1219: ldap auth plugin, bad conditionnal statement
  • jUnitTestcaseDb didn't enclose field names and table names in queries

Little improvement:

  • added a -ver option to the command createmodule

Other versions

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