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Trace: 1.2.3

Jelix 1.2.3

This page is listing updates and enhancements added since 1.2.2 version, and that is available in the 1.2.3 version.

Changelog updated as of: 5b6ecb66937c

Release date: 07/01/2011

Details of changes


  • jImageModifier: path from which images are readed and path to the directory where the cache is stored, are now configurable. New imagemodifier section in the configuration.
  • ticket #1215 - jTpl compiler should handle more php syntax errors in expressions
  • Jelix-scripts: it's better if the default profile name for jdb in a new app has the same name of the app

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed a SQL syntax error in autocommit in the mysql driver
  • jAuth:
    • ticket #1320 - installer of jauthdb should take care of the crypt function indicated in the configuration to create the admin user
    • ticket #1382 - error File jIAuthDriver.iface.php doesn't exist when using installapp with opt edition
    • ticket #1383 - fixed bug: jauthdb installer didn't know the function sha1WithSalt
  • jForms:
    • Fixed a duplicated id on generated help
    • ticket #1325 - javascript, fixed bug with grouped data in ajax context
    • ticket #1335 - should not output label for choice controls because it doesn't refer to an unique form element
    • ticket #1329 - ckeditor bindings for jforms should take care about the existing instance for a same editor, in an ajax context
    • ticket #1377 - better length check in datatype
    • ticket #1390 - the help icon does not appear in webkit browsers
    • js: validation of content of choice items didn't take care of controls having multiple fields, and failed silently
    • js: only location hash should be changed when errors occured
  • jResponseBinary now escapes quotes in filenames
  • jDatetime, fixed bug in the support of format iso8601
  • jDao, bug fix: isFK on field was always false, even for true foreign keys
  • ticket #1325, fixed deprecated error with phpmailer
  • Fixed the value of K_PATH_URL in jTcpdf, images url were not well processed by TCPDF
  • jFile::getMimeType : it should handle the case where finfo and mime_content_type are not available one the server
  • ticket #1338 - jDatetime: durationTo should use gmdate to prevent dst problem when counting days

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